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The Trauma Trap

You physically escaped and sur

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You physically escaped and survived your trauma but your mind is still there, trapped!
The recall of your Trauma is forever in front of you, yet what you did last week is a blurr!
Odd isn’t it or is it.?
The reason is that the traumatic event has not been allowed into memory proper. It is always in the waiting room as it were. With the treatment technique I am showing you in this book, the recall will slip into memory proper and you will be free to live your life again. Of course,like all memories which are in the right place, you may recall them if you wish, but no more unwanted recall which is easily triggered by so many things: sounds, smells, images coming at you from anywhere

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Author: Dr David Muss

ISBN: 385402414



Publisher: David Muss

Publishing date: 2013


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